Diamond and Gem Re-cutting

Patenaude Jewelers specializes in attaining the finest results in diamond and gem cutting, re-cutting, and repair. Depending on the condition and original quality of your diamond or gem, our expert staff will improve its shape, proportion, polish, clarity, grade, and symmetry, in most cases, without significant weight loss to the stone. And as always, our expert staff will work closely with you to achieve the desired look.

Here are just a few of the many diamond and gem cutting services we provide to clients:

  • Diamond Color Enhancement 
  • Old diamond re-cutting
  • Broken and Chipped diamond repair
  • Diamond repolishing

Benefits of Diamond Re-Cutting

Correcting minor damage from nicks, chips, and scratches is an effective way to restore its beauty. Our goal is to ensure every stone reaches its maximum potential in our care.

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